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Do you give us a hand?

The conservation of the spiritual and cultural values ​​and meanings of Nature – inheritance of the cosmologies and cosmovisions that make up the intangible heritage of humanity – is now more widespread than ever before by the spread of the technocratic paradigm.

From Silene we believe to preserve this precious intangible heritage, it is indispensable to base the compression and conservation of nature in the deepest values ​​that give meaning to our lives.

Silene is a non-profit association that is supported by the voluntary help of several professionals who believe in their mission. Making a donation will contribute to the maintenance of the documentation center and to sustain the main tasks of the association, focusing on the conservation, study and dissemination of the values ​​and meanings of the intangible spiritual and cultural heritage of Nature.

Benefit from tax advantages

All the contributions you make from Spain (except the Basque Country and Navarre) get  80% down to the first € 150. From this figure, contributions deduct 35%. If in the last three years your contributions to our organization have been maintained or increased, the deduction goes up to 40% to rewarding your fidelity.