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Silene offers services and resources to facilitate the integration of intangible cultural heritage and the spiritual values ​​of nature in various fields such as education, dissemination, public use, planning or management, from the perspective of conservation or responsible custody. Silene usually works in collaboration with other partners. The services we offer include:


  • Studies and projects to create the knowledge base necessary to facilitate the conservation and promotion of the cultural and spiritual values ​​of nature, usually focused on spaces, habitats, landscapes or private properties.
  • Accompanying organizations and decision-making processes through ongoing counseling tailored to the specific needs of each case, based on ecological principles and/or spiritual inspiration that allows consensus to be reached and to promote transformative processes of change that add credibility.
  • Formulation and promotion of actions to conserve, disseminate or experience the immaterial cultural and spiritual values ​​of nature, be it in the educational, business, or welfare areas: contemplative activities in nature, promotion of integral well-being, environmental awareness, etc.


  • Research:  to promote intercultural and interreligious dialogue of the values that shape the relationship that humans have with the Earth, as does Geoethics.
  • Training and outreach activities: courses, workshops, conferences and talks to convey the importance of the cultural and spiritual values of Nature, in social, public or private organisations, providing tools to integrate and apply them consistently.
  • Publications, either own (newsletter, brochure, and papers in Catalan and Spanish) or in collaboration with others (also in English and French).
  • Documentation centre (hosted on this portal) that contains resources and documents about the intangible spiritual and cultural heritage linked to the natural heritage, from the local to the international level. This is the reference Documentation Centre of the Specialist Group on Cultural and Spiritual Values ​​of Protected Areas, of the IUCN the World Commission for Natural Protected Areas.
  • News from all over the world, focusing in Europe and Catalonia (where we are based) linked to the mission of the association, inspiring positive actions.
  • Publications