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Conditions for acceptance of work

For the acceptance, incorporation and dissemination of original works through the Silene Documentation Center and through its website, the author must accept the following conditions:

  1. The author / s declares that the document is his / her original work and does not infringe the copyrights of third parties.
    The author and the copyright owner grant Silene the non-exclusive right to archive, reproduce, communicate and distribute your document through the Documentation Center on the Silene website (www.silene. is).
  2. Silene will clearly identify the author (s) of the document through its website.
    In order to preserve the document, Silene will be able to save more than one copy of the document without changing its contents.
    3. In the Legal Notice of the Silene website, it is stated that the articles and communications that appear on are the property of each individual author and that therefore, reproduction, copying, distribution, public communication is not permitted. , transformation or marketing of this information without the express permission of its authors or owners of the exploitation rights.
    4. This deposit is for an indefinite period.